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Community News - Metamaterial antenna for SatCom

26 Aug 2013

Details of a metamaterial-based antenna for satellite communcations

Community News - Time-Cloak using Mirrors

19 Aug 2013

New website feature - metamaterials around the worldb

Community News - Pendry awarded IoP Newton Medal

1 Jul 2013

QUEST advisor Prof Sir John Pendry has been awarded the 2013 Newton Medal

Paper “Transformation optics for antennas: why limit the bandwidth with metamaterials?” published in Scientific Reports

29 May 2013

An alternative approach to transformation optics in antennas design has been published in a recent QUEST paper

Paper "Thin Metamaterial Luneburg Lens for Surface Waves" published in Physical Review B

8 Apr 2013

A paper describing research on controlling the propagation of surface waves using a Luneburg Lens has been published in PRB