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Themed Issue of Phil Trans A published online

28 Jul 2015

Themed issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A published, collected and edited by QUEST researchers

QUEST research on cover of Nature Photonics

13 Jul 2015

This month's Nature Photonics cover features an image from QUEST research on non-reflecting media

QUEST metamaterial with independent control of permittivity and permeability

17 Mar 2015

A metamaterial with independent control of permittivity and permeability has been reported in APL

QUEST researchers publish metasurface review

2 Dec 2014

A review of plasmonic meta-atoms and metasurfaces has been published in Nature Photonics

Surface wave illusions and cloaks

26 Aug 2014

Manipulating surface waves with transformations

Sculpting surfaces to avoid impossible materials

9 May 2014

A simple way of avoiding zeros and singularities in materials for surface wave devices

Flat Luneburg Lens

8 Apr 2014

Directive antennas take up less space with a flat Luneburg lens

Flattening pyramidal absorbers

8 Apr 2014

A paper exploring coordinate transformations for absorbers has been published

Making geometrical optics exact

17 Mar 2014

Geometrical optics is usually an approximation to wave optics, but not always

Paper on spatially dispersive media published

17 Jan 2014

A theoretical paper examining the effect of spatial dispersion is published by New Journal of Physics

Paper on removing zeros and singularities from transformed media

19 Dec 2013

Techniques and examples for making practical devices using modified spatial transformations

Numerical modelling of high order spatial dispersion published

25 Nov 2013

Improved accuracy of effective medium model using higher-order spatial harmonics

Perfect Surface Wave Cloaks

21 Nov 2013

Scientists create perfect solution to iron out kinks in surfaces

"Perfect Surface Wave Cloaks" paper accepted for publication

4 Nov 2013

Collaborative research on cloaking of bumps in surfaces

A paper on ferrite nanocomposites has been published by APL Materials

21 Oct 2013

Making ferrite nanocomposite materials with a high refractive index

Paper “Transformation optics for antennas: why limit the bandwidth with metamaterials?” published in Scientific Reports

29 May 2013

An alternative approach to transformation optics in antennas design has been published in a recent QUEST paper

Paper "Thin Metamaterial Luneburg Lens for Surface Waves" published in Physical Review B

8 Apr 2013

A paper describing research on controlling the propagation of surface waves using a Luneburg Lens has been published in PRB

QUEST PhD Student wins best poster prize at NanoMeta’13

30 Jan 2013

A PhD student at the University of Exeter has won the prize for best poster at a recent conference for QUEST-related research

Image selected for PRA Kaleidoscope

6 Dec 2012

An image from a recent QUEST publication has featured in the PRA Kaleidoscope