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Community News - optical invisibility

21 Sep 2015

An ultra-thin optical cloak has been demonstrated for 3D objects of arbitrary shape

Community News - Mechanical cloaking

28 Apr 2015

A method of visualising transformations has been applied to mechanical cloaking

Successful Royal Society Discussion Meeting held

3 Feb 2015

The Spatial Transformations Royal Society Scientific Discussion Meeting was a complete success

Community News - Ultrasound penetration of bone and metal

20 Nov 2014

Spatial transformations and metamaterials allow ultrasound to see through bone

Surface wave illusions and cloaks

26 Aug 2014

Manipulating surface waves with transformations

Community News - Nanotransfer printing for metamaterials

22 Apr 2014

The largest-yet metamaterial for visible light has been fabricated

Community News - Seismic Cloaks

15 Apr 2014

A pilot large-scale seismic reflector has been demonstrated

Community News - Acoustic Invisibility Cloak

1 Apr 2014

The first 3D, omni-directional, acoustic invisibility cloak has been demonstrated

Community News - Thermal Cloaking

12 Feb 2014

Invisibility to heat not light

Community news - localised invisibility

9 Dec 2013

Can selective invisibility cloaks be created, that only make some parts invisible?

Perfect Surface Wave Cloaks

21 Nov 2013

Scientists create perfect solution to iron out kinks in surfaces

Community News - invisibility and medical applications of metamaterials

18 Nov 2013

A new approach to cloaking and using metamaterials for medical monitoring and therapy

"Perfect Surface Wave Cloaks" paper accepted for publication

4 Nov 2013

Collaborative research on cloaking of bumps in surfaces

Community News - Invisibility Cloaks

30 Sep 2013

Efforts towards cloaking continue around the world

Community News - Invisibility Cloak made in 15 minutes

16 Sep 2013

A cloaking device so simple it can be made in 15 minutes

Community News - Time-Cloak using Mirrors

19 Aug 2013

New website feature - metamaterials around the worldb

QUEST Investigator Ulf Leonhardt demonstrates Invisibility at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition

1 Aug 2011

"Geometry and Light: The Science of Invisibility" attracted a great deal of attention at the Royal Society's Summer Exhibition