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European School of Antennas course announced

16 Dec 2014

A course, "Transformation Electromagnetics for Antenna Design", will be held in London

QUEST partner to train next generation of metamaterials scientists

26 Nov 2013

EPSRC have awarded QUEST partners at the University of Exeter funds for a Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials

Prof Leonhardt leaves QUEST for new challenge abroad

5 Nov 2012

Prof Leonhardt hands over to Dr Philbin

Review of the European School of Antennas residential course and IET Seminar on transformation optics

31 Oct 2012

The European School of Antennas short course and IET Seminar on Transformation Optics were recently held in London

Announcement of the ESoA course on Transformation Electromagnetics

29 Aug 2012

IET Seminar and European School of Antennas course on transformation optics

Community News - Upcoming Metamaterials Events

6 Aug 2012

Metamaterials conference and training