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Community News - optical invisibility

21 Sep 2015

An ultra-thin optical cloak has been demonstrated for 3D objects of arbitrary shape

Community News - metamerials conference in Oxford

8 Sep 2015

University of Oxford hosts Metamaterials 2015

Community News - QUEST advisor to receive Royal Academy of Engineering medal

28 Aug 2015

The QUEST team congratulate Prof Peter Clarricoats CBE FREng FRS on his award

Community News - metamaterials and superconductors

11 Aug 2015

More on using metamaterial techniques to engineer superconductors

Community News - perfect lenses by compensating losses

21 Jul 2015

Compensation of losses in negative index metamaterials could make perfect lenses a reality

Community News - Institute of Physics awards for photonics and metamaterials

6 Jul 2015

The Institute of Physics has announced this year's award winners

Community News - Engheta made National Security Science and Engineering Fellow

1 Jul 2015

Prof. Nader Engheta has been made a National Security Science and Engineering Fellow

Community News - Electrostriction enhancement in metamaterials

23 Jun 2015

Controllable enhancement in electrostriction of composite medium

Community News - Mechanical metamaterial buckles on demand

16 Jun 2015

Dutch researchers have developed metamaterials that selectively bend under stress

Community News - Optical properties on demand

2 Jun 2015

A perspective in Science on metamaterials and nanotechnology

Community News - Non-resonant hyperlens

26 May 2015

A non-resonant hyperlens for sub-wavelength imaging

Community News - Mechanical cloaking

28 Apr 2015

A method of visualising transformations has been applied to mechanical cloaking

Community News - "15 years of metamaterials"

20 Apr 2015

John Pendry and David Smith discuss metamaterials

Community News - Engheta awarded SPIE Gold Medal

13 Apr 2015

SPIE awards the Gold Medal of the Society to Nader Engheta

Community News - Intellectual Ventures and their approach to commercialising metamaterials

26 Mar 2015

A blog post from the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory on how they view metamaterials

Community News - Metamirrors

10 Mar 2015

Mirrors that reflect at one frequency and are transparent at others

Community News - Insight into metamaterials

26 Feb 2015

A Kavli Roundtable with leading metamaterials researchers in the US

Community News - superconductivity and metamaterials

9 Dec 2014

The critical temperature of a superconductor has been increased using metamaterial concepts

Community News - Ultrasound penetration of bone and metal

20 Nov 2014

Spatial transformations and metamaterials allow ultrasound to see through bone

Community News - Metamaterials and particle physics

11 Nov 2014

Control of Cherenkov radiation with metamaterials may aid particle identification