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Themed Issue of Phil Trans A published online

28 Jul 2015

Themed issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A published, collected and edited by QUEST researchers

Successful Royal Society Discussion Meeting held

3 Feb 2015

The Spatial Transformations Royal Society Scientific Discussion Meeting was a complete success

Community News - 3D isotropic metamaterials

30 Oct 2014

Progress in making isotropic metamaterials

A paper on ferrite nanocomposites has been published by APL Materials

21 Oct 2013

Making ferrite nanocomposite materials with a high refractive index

Community News - scalable fabrication of optical metamaterials one step closer?

19 Oct 2013

Practical fabrication of optical metamaterials could be nearer with the development of a new technique.

Community News - Invisibility Cloak made in 15 minutes

16 Sep 2013

A cloaking device so simple it can be made in 15 minutes