Community News - Acoustic Invisibility Cloak

Posted on April 01, 2014

In another "first for acoustics" story, from a couple of weeks ago, the researchers at Duke have published a type of invisibility cloak for acoustics in the journal Nature Materials. Designed using coordinate (i.e., spatial) transformations, using techniques similar to those used in QUEST, this device looks "like a layered acrylic pyramid with a repeating pattern of holes drilled in it. Underneath the outer pyramid sits another, inner pyramid, this time without holes, under which you place whatever you want to hide" (The Economist). This has the effect of making "the sound waves behave like there is nothing more than a flat surface in their path" (The Engineer). This type of "carpet cloak" is the first implementation for acoustic waves. Applications include sonar and the acoustics of concert halls and auditoriums.


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