Community News - Engheta made National Security Science and Engineering Fellow

Posted on July 01, 2015

Further recognition for Prof. Nader Engheta, one of the experts speaking at the QUEST-organised Royal Society Discussion Meeting and recent recipient of SPIE's Gold Medal: he has been named as one of the new National Security Science and Engineering Fellows by the US Department of Defense, to work on "materials for extreme manipulation of light, sound and heat". Congratulations to him! You can find an interesting article profiling Prof. Engheta on the SPIE werbsite.


Posted by Loco on
It's great you were able to go, Barry. The resistance to CF will not stand ferover. I hear Hagelstein right after the warning about careers that he is getting calls for qualified people to be part of cold fusion projects.Can you say anything about MIT students? I understand there were a few there attending, but then they had to take off. What was the response from the student community there?Thanks for your attendance, Barry.
Posted by Tiger on
We delteiinfy need more smart people like you around.
Posted by Lavon on
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Posted by Rosalinda on
Toucndowh! That's a really cool way of putting it!

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