Community News - invisibility and medical applications of metamaterials

Posted on November 18, 2013

Three stories this week. First up: signal-processing similar to noise-cancelling headphones has been touted as a new approach to cloaking. The idea is that an object has lots of tiny antennas on its surface that detect an incoming radio-wave that is analysed using sgnal processing. The antennas are then used to generate a signal that cancels exactly the reflection from the object, making it undetectable by the source of the original signal. For the technically minded, this is a monostatic radar scenario with only one radar source and would not on its own prevent detection in bi-static and multi-static scenarios. Still, it is an interesting idea!

The next two stories are about different applications of metamaterials in the medical field. First, we have a story about the use of a metamaterial array for brain stimulation in the treatment of depression, to improve the targeting and depth of the stimulation. It uses 64 sub-wavelength elements in place of the usual two coils. Second, a metamaterial lens has been designed that works in the terahertz region of the spectrum and has applications in monitoring of drug deilvery and diagnosis, amongst others. The new lens is far smaller than any previous attempts at making metamaterial lenses. Furthermore, it was produced using "fiber drawing". This is an industrical fabrication method, which suggests that it has a good chance of transitioning to commercial use.


Posted by Hamada on
As Jenny points out, we have been inrtseeted in the story but without visuals or sound, it's tough to tell beyond print. The picture does make it. Last year they did not have such a cool image. And it does always help to use magical power imagery to explain complex science. Although, as you point out, you can over use it.
Posted by Brandi on
That's really thniking out of the box. Thanks!
Posted by Tayten on
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Posted by Bette on
Call me wind because I am abseoutlly blown away.
Posted by Endutle on
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