Paper on removing zeros and singularities from transformed media

Posted on December 19, 2013

A paper "Transmutation of singularities and zeros in graded index optical instruments: a methodology for designing practical devices" has been published in the journal Optics Express. This paper, by QUEST members Ian Hooper and Tom Philbin, describes methods for modifying spatial transformations to avoid zero and infinite-valued points, which produce unrealistic or even unrealizable materials.


Posted by Elisa on
I have had a few readings in pesron and via the phone, with Gigi. I like that she brings insight to issues that have been brewing just under the surface for me, that I wasn’t quite able to put my attention on fully. She accesses my guides and animal spirits, and the themes they want to emphasize in each reading, and really hones in on life purpose and what to focus on to help move forward on that path. Gigi is full of enthusiasm and encouragement and a joy to work with! Marjorie L, Wilmington, MA
Posted by Teige on
So much info in so few words. Tootlsy could learn a lot.
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What's it take to become a sublime expdunoer of prose like yourself?

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