Prof Leonhardt leaves QUEST for new challenge abroad

Posted on November 05, 2012

Prof Ulf Leonhardt has left the QUEST project to take up a new position in Austria. We thank him for his efforts in QUEST and wish him well for the future.

We welcome Dr Thomas Philbin, based at the University of Exeter and an early collaborator with Prof Leonhardt on spatial transformations, as his replacement as SP1 lead. Amongst other activities, Dr Philbin coauthored an influential paper "Transformation Optics and the Geometry of Light" and a book on spatial transformations with Prof Leonhardt. Tighter collaboration between the theoretical and experimental physicists involved in QUEST is now possible.



Posted by Mat on
Hi, and thanks for the cnmmeot!I'm going to put myself in the very doubtful category. Everything I know about cloaking indicates that (a) it is almost impossible to make it work for a broad range of frequencies and (b) the material technology doesn't exist yet to even make it a feasible concept for visible light. Lots and lots of scientists have been working on the theoretical and experimental aspects of cloaking and haven't come even close to what that company is claiming to have accomplished. That isn't to say that someone won't make it work, eventually, but for someone to make such grandiose claims at this time seems suspicious.
Posted by Rochi on
Thanks for shagnir. Always good to find a real expert.
Posted by Nona on
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Posted by Bison on
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