Oxford facilities

Advanced Processing Laboratory

The Advanced Processing Laboratory houses vacuum plasma spraying, high temperature alloy spray forming, diffusion bonding, casting, ceramic freeze casting and other process equipment.


The Begbroke Science Park Cleanroom came into operation in 2002 and provides 150 m2 of cleanroom space, class 10,000, housing a suite of newly purchased processing equipment. This equipment includes:

  • The measurement suite
  • The metal deposition system
  • The yellow area (for photolithography)
  • The RIE
  • The PECVD
  • The wafer microscope
  • The rapid thermal annealing system

Furthermore, there are office facilities for users located next to the cleanroom with a networked computer for e-mail, electronic resources, etc. which also acts as a cleanroom library housing, for reference only, the manuals for the equipment.