This page provides a list of publications from the wider scientific community that relate to QUEST activities, as a resource to aid researchers seeking to understand the significance of the work undertaken in this field, as well as trace the development of ideas and concepts. This list in not meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive, but is rather selective and designed to focus on what is most relevant to the activities of QUEST. Having said that, we are still talking about a few thousand references, such is the attention given to this important and still-growing field.

Of course, it is quite possible that some relevant publications have been missed from the list. It is also possible for mistakes to have been made in some of the information provided. If you spot a mistake or missing publication, or have ideas on enhancing the usefulness of the list, please contact us and let us know. The list will be updated regularly, in terms of new entries and updating the existing ones, so come back for more up-to-date information!

A search feature has been implemented to aid the researcher find publications of interest. See the tips and help below on how this works to refine your search. The list provides, where available, links to the article for the convenience of the user; however, it does not provide the papers themselves. Access to papers held under copyright will often require a subscription to the journal/database in question, which is the responsibility of the user. Whilst every attempt has been made to make the information below accurate, it is down to the user to ensure it is correct and to make it suitable for his needs, including format. To see a list of all the papers of a given type, clear the Keywords box and ensure the year range is maximised, then click ‘Search’.