Professor Chris Grovenor

Professor of Materials

Chris Grovenor has interests in the application of advanced analytical techniques to understanding the relationship between chemistry and microstructure and the properties of functional materials. Current areas of research include:

  • Oxidation and hyriding mechanisms of Zr nuclear cladding alloys (with Rolls Royce, Westinghouse, EPRI, EDF, Manchester University and the Open University)
  • Synthesis and characterisation of the new Fe-based superconducting compounds (with Dr Susannah Speller and Professor Andrew Boothroyd) 
  • Leadership of the group developing high resolution SIMS analysis using our CAMACA NANOSIMS 50. This includes studies of trace metals in both plant and human tissue samples (in collaboration with Rothamsted Research and the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine), and grain boundary segregation phenomena (in collaboration with the University of Nantes and Tata Steel).

Prof Grovenor is Head of Department for Materials.